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K. C. Ryeland is a mature, well-travelled, professional Automotive Engineer who has spent 20 years overseas. He has a wide experience of public speaking and has presented several papers on engineering subjects to learned bodies both at home in the UK and overseas.
During his early years the author taught engineering subjects to mature students at a technical college in the Midlands of England. In recent years he has lectured to undergraduates on the subject of vehicle body design and crash test procedures. He has participated in the writing of international automotive engineering standards and was responsible for producing the first draft of a definitive low speed crash test standard for worldwide use. He has produced several technical articles for trade magazines and newspapers.

One of his books: “Time Well Spent” is an account of the engineering training he received and various incidents that took place during his apprenticeship (1957-1963) with British Railways in Birmingham, “The Workshop of the World”.

His latest work: “Leyland Rover” details the travels, trials and tribulations of being an overseas service engineer for Rover (and eventually Jaguar, Triumph and Austin/Morris) during the mid-1970s.

He began writing for pleasure some fifteen years ago by recording his adventures in Nigeria with “The Up-Country Man“, a personal account of the first 100 days inside secessionist Biafra. His other published works include a collection of fictional short stories entitled “Tribal Gathering” and two full length novels entitled “The Last Bature” (pronounced Ba-tuu-ree) and “The Mine“, all three of which are based on his extensive and unique experience gained through living and working in West Africa for many years. The author acquired a deep understanding of the differences between the African psyche and that of the British expatriates during the turbulent days of the early sixties. This fact alone has enabled him to write confidently about subjects that can so easily be misconstrued.

The Author in Warri, Nigeria, 1969

The Author in Warri, Nigeria, 1969

After 20 years working in Africa, the Far East and the Middle East, Ryeland returned to the UK and occupied various senior engineering posts within the motor and insurance industries before retiring in 2004. He is a widower, has three grown children and likes gardening, writing, cross-country walking, classic British motorcycles and fine red wines.

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